Is DMT Safe? .Physically, DMT is very safe. The lethal dose of this substance is so high it’s virtually impossible to achieve without injecting very large doses through an IV. In fact, nobody has ever been given a lethal dose of DMT to date.

With that said, there are some potential risks to using DMT, especially if used in combination with other drugs or alcohol.

There are also psychological risks to using DMT that could result in lasting side effects in susceptible individuals. For example, DMT has been reported to aggravate existing psychological disorders such as schizophrenia or psychosis.

In exceptionally rare instances, some users experience a condition called hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD), which can result in long-term changes in visual or auditory perception.

Bad trips can also lead to harm. While this is extremely uncommon, there have been reports of people experiencing a bad trip who ended up jumping from a building, running into traffic, or inducing self-harm in other ways.

Bad trips can be terrifying and leave a lasting impression. PTSD, anxiety, and depression are all potential side effects of particularly bad trips. 

Whenever using any psychedelic substance, it’s important to treat it with a great deal of respect. These substances can be exceptional tools for expanding the mind and improving our experience here on earth — but they also open us up to risk if used irresponsibly.

Always check with your doctor before trying a psychedelic of any kind if you have underlying health issues or take prescription medications.

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Side Effects of DMT (During The Trip)

  • Hallucinations
  • Dissociative thoughts
  • Anxiety and paranoia
  • Dilated pupils
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness

Dealing With a Bad Trip on DMT

Unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and hallucinations can arise while using DMT. These experiences are referred to as a “bad trip” — which can be extremely distressing.

During the trip, events taking place look and feel real.

While there’s no way to “stop” the trip, there are ways to turn a frightening or uncomfortable experience into something more positive. Taking steps as simple as listening to soothing music, lying down on your back, practicing breathing techniques or mediation, or leaving the current room you’re in can be enough to break the cycle and help you return to a more relaxed state.

Having a close friend or family member (who’s sober) nearby is the best way to help navigate a bad trip. They can help console and anchor you back into reality by comforting and reassuring you that everything is fine. This concept is referred to as a “trip sitter” — someone who sits in on your trip to help keep you safe from harm and navigate bad trips if they occur.

Having a trip sitter who’s experienced with psychedelics is one of the fundamental steps to using psychedelics responsibly.

One of the most effective methods of dispelling a bad trip is acceptance. This concept is much easier said than done but is an extremely effective tool that can be learned over time. Accepting your fate and allowing the thoughts of fear and anxiety to overtake, you can actually lead you through the tunnel much faster.

A lot of the fear and anxiety that accompanies a bad trip comes from resistance to the drugs’ effects. As we lose control over our reality, our mind wants to resist these changes and retain control.

Surrender and embrace it — you’ll end up in a better spot much quicker if you can learn to do this.

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