Buy Psilocybe Aztecorum central Mexico. Aztecorum Mushroom is a species of psilocybin mushrooms known to come primarily from Central Mexico.

Named for its association with the Nahua people AKA Aztecs, who considered these mushrooms holy sacraments and consumed them during spiritual and divinatory rituals to induce hallucinatory visions.

Regarding the psilocybin content of this species, Paul Stamets rates P. aztecorum as “moderately to highly active”.

2-4 grams will provide a strong experience.  Our customers report that these are very “visual” and come on smooth with pleasant “vibrancy”.

Aztecorum Mushroom Characteristics 

The cap of Psilocybe aztecorum is convex to bell-shaped, sometimes it develops a small, nipple-like protrusion at the very center called an umbo. With age, the cap flattens and eventually forms a central depression. In some old specimens, opens into the hollow stem.

Psilocybe aztecorum caps can reach an average diameter of 1.5-2cm. The surface is slimy to the touch and has translucent stripes along the margins when moist. The cap is also hygrophanous which means it changes color depending on its amount of moisture. These colors range from yellowish-brown to golden yellow in young button forms to brownish-gray in age with greenish-gray tints on the margin. The color later changes to whitish from the center to the margin. Dried specimens are straw-colored to pale brownish.

The gills are broadly attached to the stem and are violet gray to dark violet brown. They are either uniform in color or have white edges.

  1. aztecorum’s stem is 5.5 to 7.5cm in length and it approximately 3-4mm in thickness which gradually becomes thicker at the top. The stem’s surface is also smooth, silky, and stains blue-green with age or when it gets handled. The base of the stem is densely covered with white rhizomorphs. Young species of these mushrooms have a veil similar to cobwebs that eventually turns into a non-permanent ring on the upper part of the stem.

Unlike most psilocybin mushrooms, P. aztecorum doesn’t stain blue upon injury. Only the margin stains slightly green-blue. Like most Psilocybe mushrooms, P. aztecorum has a slightly starchy smell and taste similar to freshly ground flour. As they dry, they tend to have a more intense odor. They also leave a blackish violet spore print.

Aztecorum Benefits | Psilocybe Aztecorum

Despite the numerous therapeutic and religious uses of psilocybin, it’s still defined as a Schedule I drug. However, it should be noted that psilocybin has a lower potential for abuse and addiction than the other drugs in the same class.

The scientific community sees therapeutic potential in Psilocybe aztecorum. As of writing, P. Aztecorum and other magic mushrooms are being studied for their capability to cure different mental illnesses and improve work performance.

Psilocybin from these fungi has already been proven to alleviate depression and emulate a religious/spiritual experience that can last for months from a single dose. Technological experts from Silicon Valley use small, barely perceptible doses of magic mushrooms to boost creativity and work performance, and these magic mushrooms are also known to boost overall health.

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