What’s The Dose of Ketamine?.The dose of ketamine can dramatically alter the effects. These doses are for oral tablets. The doses will be different when using ketamine via injection or nasal insufflation. 

The lower dose range (20 mg) of ketamine produces milder hallucinations and feels most similar to GHB or alcohol.

High doses start around the 50 mg mark, which produces much more dissociative and introverted effects.

K-hole dosages begin around the 100 mg mark.What’s The Dose of Ketamine

How Ketamine Works

Ketamine is considered a “dirty drug”. This doesn’t mean the drug is toxic or poisonous — it refers to the specificity of the drug on its target receptors.

Ideally, a pharmaceutical targets one specific receptor to cause its effect. This makes its effects predictable and easier to study and understand. These drugs are precise and don’t cause any overflow effects on unrelated or irrelevant receptors.

Ketamine, on the other hand, is messy — it activates several different types of receptors, each with a different result. Ketamine stimulates some receptors and inhibits others.

This makes ketamine very difficult to study and understand. It’s also what makes this compound so useful for complex conditions like depression.What’s The Dose of Ketamine

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